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Disclaimer: This version of panel is proof of concept and temporary. After StewardX is stabilized, more complete and advanced version of the panel will be built.


StewardX Panel is the frontend for StewardX. You can add your tasks, edit them or see their execution reports. It's built with React.

Known limitations#

Until the some serving static folder mechanism added to StewardX, it can only serve a single html file as the panel itself. Meaning that the project needs to be bundled into a single html file. Gulp is used to handle this task.

Using with StewardX#

Since everything is modular and feature based, the panel is a feature based too. It's not shipped with StewardX as default. Meaning that you're free to use any frontend built for StewardX, since this version of panel is currently proof of concept and temporary (not even beta). To use it with StewardX, you need to edit the path in the configuration file.

If you haven't defined a STEWARDX_CONFIG environment variable, then it's very likely to StewardX has created it for you. If you've read the Environment Variables page, you should've seen that the default path for the config file is $HOME/.config/stewardx/config.json.

Currently the default config file looks like this:


As you can see above, there's a index_file_path key. This is the key that points to the panel's index.html file. If you've modified this file, keep in mind that if you start any of the keys - that ends with _path - without a / it'll be relative to the config file. For instance, if your config file's path is /home/mammamia/configs/config.json then index file's path will be /home/mammamia/configs/index.html.

Getting and building the panel#


You'll need to have

  • Git
  • NodeJS


Clone the repository#

Open up your terminal and clone the repository,

git clone
cd stewardx-panel

Now install the dependencies with

npm install

If you use yarn then run


After the installation completed now build it,

npm run build
# or if you use yarn
yarn build

This will create two different directories. Remember that at the time of writing, StewardX will load only one html file. Therefore build script has two stages. First it builds the React app (react-scripts) outputting to build directory then gulp inlines all of the stuff in build directory to a single html file, outputting to dist directory. So the final file will be stewardx-panel/dist/index.html.

After the build stage is complete now we can

Move the index file to the config path#

If you changed the index file path in StewardX config, then move the dist file to the path of index_file_path. If you're still using the defaults, open up a terminal and paste the following:

if [[ -z "${STEWARDX_CONFIG}" ]]; then
mv dist/index.html $INDEX_DIRECTORY

Now, run StewardX and navigate to https://$STEWARDX_SERVER_HOST:$STEWARDX_SERVER_PORT/app, the default URL is: http://localhost:3000/app.