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Getting started

Since it is written in Rust, installing StewardX is really easy.

Precompiled Binary#


Building it from source#


  • Rust
  • git
  • Docker (Optional)
  • Postgres instance running (Optional if you're willing to use docker)

Step 1 - Clone the repository#

git clone
cd stewardx

Easy isn't it?

Optional Step - Disable Docker feature#

You can skip this step if you want to use Docker feature.

Edit Cargo.toml file found on the root of repository, and remove "docker" feature from default list, found at the bottom.

- default = ["docker", "panel", "cmd"]
+ default = ["panel", "cmd"]

Optional Step - Start a Postgresql instance#

You can skip this step if you've a Postgresql instance running, just grab it's URL and scroll to next step.

StewardX uses Postgres in order to store the task information. It stores:

  • Tasks
  • Errors
  • Execution Reports

You can easily start a database by running a utility script found in scripts folder at the root of repository. There're two scripts, actually commands that fires up a database with help of docker. For the sake of simplicity, we'll just use a ephemeral database for this guide.


The URL of the database started by command above is:


Step 2 - Set the environment variables#

Now, in order to compile StewardX, you'll need to set the following environment variables.

export DATABASE_URL=#Your postgres URL
export STEWARDX_DATABASE_URL=#Your postgres URL

If you've done the previous step, in this case those variables will be:

export DATABASE_URL=postgresql://postgres:1234@localhost:5432/postgres
export STEWARDX_DATABASE_URL=postgresql://postgres:1234@localhost:5432/postgres

NOTE: DATABASE_URL is only required to build StewardX and it's the same as STEWARDX_DATABASE_URL. However, STEWARDX_DATABASE_URL variable is required to run StewardX.

Step 3 - Build it!#

You need Rust and Cargo (comes by default if you've followed the instructions on rustup). With the variables above set, now run:

# This may take a while!
cargo build --release

If you get any errors, please checkout troubleshooting section of this guide.

Step 4 - Start StewardX#

When the compilation is finished, you can start StewardX by running:


If you see nothing, then it's working!


Building it from source#

Linker error#

If you get the following error:

error: linker `cc` not found

Then just install package(s) below.


sudo apt install build-essential

TODO - Add CentOS/Fedora

SSL Error#

Install these package(s):


sudo apt install libssl-dev pkg-config

TODO - Add CentOS/Fedora