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What is StewardX ?#

StewardX stands for Scheduled Task Executor With Asynchronous Runtime and Database and an X on the end. It is a scheduled task executor. Think of cron but with a database. Being written in Rust, gives us a compiled, lightweight single file executable.

Task types#

StewardX currently supports these task types:

  • Docker
  • Command

But it can be easily extended, thanks to Rust's trait system.

Rust Features#

StewardX consist these features:

dockerEnables the DockerTask feature, basically docker support.Enabled.
panelEnables the panel feature which is a MVP frontend for StewardX. This feature wraps the server feature too. Server feature is basically the API. NOTE: You'll need to add the index.html file path to the config file.Enabled.
serverIt is the API.Enabled.
cmdThis feature is for the command line tasks.Enabled.
server-crudThis feature enables the Create - Read - Update - Delete routes of the server.Enabled.